Thomas Hintz

Introducing websockets for CHICKEN Scheme! websockets is a fast, lightweight, and simple library for working with websockets for CHICKEN Scheme. It is fully compliant with version 13 of the websocket protocol.

I mostly enjoy and spend my time programming and learning about programming. I've also written some essays and have done a few other projects.

I do most things in CHICKEN Scheme. I've done some small projects on the bare metal in x86 and ARMv6 assembly. Professionally I've hacked on Java and Javascript across the web stack for many years.

Programming projects listed on the projects page are more complete and documented than others. To see the raw, unfiltered list of projects visit my GitHub or Bitbucket repositories.

This site was written using my very own site generator alley-cat. It has yet to reach a first version usable for the general public but feel free to check it out. It is written in CHICKEN scheme. It generates the HTML via SXML and also includes support for markdown.