Thomas Hintz

Farm like a pro on Alpha Centauri! Check out my latest project: Alpha Centauri Farming. Alpha Centauri Farming is a real-time multi-player recreation of a classic board game with AI.

I'm the creator of the 3L Project. The 3L Project is an operating system and lisp interpreter and runtime. The 3L Project is focused on building a secure and extensible operating system for the future. It currently runs on the "bare metal" for x86_64 machines.

I created and maintain websockets for CHICKEN Scheme. websockets is a fast, lightweight, and simple library for working with websockets for CHICKEN Scheme. It is fully compliant with version 13 of the websocket protocol.

I've built many other libraries and projects. The projects listed on the projects page are more complete and documented than others. To see the raw, unfiltered list of projects visit


This site was created with alley-cat. alley-cat is CHICKEN Scheme library for generating static websites. It is designed to be both simple but still allow for taking advantage of the full Scheme language and CHICKEN ecosystem.