Best How?

Thomas Hintz .

one road left
one road right
two roads are best
to the same old site

Ya know what's fascinating? Everyone knows the answer!

Everyone seems to know what path it takes to do x, and how best to do y. Everyone claims to be the best at everything (or at least gives that impression).

The one thing you should notice though, is that for most things in life, there are many paths to get things the way you want them. Be diligent in finding your best path and do your best at it. Most things are very complex and have many variables.

The most important thing to realize, when analyzing a path to take, is what you are optimizing for. Often, the difference between paths is in what you are optimizing.

It may be reasonable to believe that someone has discovered the best path to the supermarket, while driving a car and respecting all rules and regulations of the road and optimizing for time spend driving. It is not reasonable for someone to claim that they have discovered the best path to the supermarket. The 'best' is meaningless without qualifications.

When listening and learning, always keep in mind what you are optimizing for, and don't get caught up in the scandal of a best path that doesn't recognize what it is optimizing for.